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Pope Alarms has the ability to stream live video feeds to our 24 hour monitored control room once an alarm events has been triggered. This online CCTV capability will ensure that our control room controllers are able to view the event and act accordingly.


CCTV is an excellent solution for security surveillance at home, industrial or business premises, car parks, shopping centers or other areas where monitoring is important. Images from your CCTV camera can be viewed via #G/4G/LTE/WI-FI on most cellphones, tablets iPads and laptops – so events can be viewed in real-time from any location.

With our 24HR online CCTV service, our control room can also monitor your premises on your behalf on an alarm event trigger.

The latest technology makes night vision possible – we provide and install infrared Full HD CCTV cameras for this purpose.

For convert monitoring, we supply and install “hidden” cameras that provide high quality images and boast various other features.

If you’re serious about your homes safety, make sure you know what’s going on, all the time, get Pope Alarms CCTV today for total peace of mind.


Dalila K

“After using pope alarms cctv my business was safe! Pope alarms cctv impressed me on multiple levels, We’re loving it. We’ve seen amazing results already. Pope Alarms cctv is great”

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